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By Alex Gallagher, Foothills Focus Staff Writer Jun 2, 2023

A poem plants a seed

“All The Dragons” was a phrase that Chris first heard at a talk given by writer and producer Barbara Hall — known for her work in “I’ll Fly Away,” “Judging Amy” and “Joan of Arcadia”— and it lingered in his head for years.

“Fifteen years ago, she gave a talk, and her talk was about slaying dragons,” Chris recalled. “She said our job as storytellers is to go into the cave and slay the dragons that we have and then to go into our imagination and force (those dragons) out into the lights so people can see what we’re facing as well.”

This was a phrase that would linger in Chris’ head for half a decade and recur in a poem he began writing titled “All the Dragons.” At the same time, he was considering crafting a story about a creative person aiming to break into the video game industry.

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Christopher Dalton

Author Christopher Dalton

Christopher Dalton has worked for two decades (yikes) writing for businesses, individuals, non-profits, and more. He has mentored and coached, consulted with and taught writers extensively for the last 10 years. Christopher has experience in online and in-person sessions, and has just completed a two-year program training film writers to work with actors and directors in a lab-style setting. As a ghostwriter, Christopher has written over 13 books. As a screenwriter-for-hire, he has written 11 screenplays. He has aslo released a novel , Nicholas and the Keeper of Names, an illustrated fairytale, The Lantern Heart, a feature film, All The Dragons, and a co-authored non-ficition book, Redeem California: With God Nothing is Impossible.

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