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Time to write

Credo Writing Coaching

From blank page to story in no time. Banish the fear of the blank page forever. One-on-one Coaching options available.

You want to write. You want to create stories. And your stuck. This workshop will help you take a giant leap forward into developing a story and breaking your imagination free from the fear of the blank page (if you fear it).

What can we cover in our sessions?

  • The source of stories
  • Why we write + how to be more productive (ie, consistent)
  • Characters: what makes a good one
  • Plotting out the story (yes, even songs have plots)
  • Visual storytelling (esp. important for poems)
  • Structuring a scene
  • And more!
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The Coach

Christopher Dalton has worked for two decades (yikes) writing for businesses, individuals, non-profits, and more.

He has mentored and coached, consulted with and taught writers extensively for the last 10 years. Christopher has experience in online and in-person sessions, and has just completed a two-year program training film writers to work with actors and directors in a lab-style setting.

As a ghostwriter, Christopher has written over 13 books. As a screenwriter-for-hire, he has written 11 screenplays. He has aslo released a novel , Nicholas and the Keeper of Names, an illustrated fairytale, The Lantern Heart, a feature film, All The Dragons, and a co-authored non-ficition book, Redeem California: With God Nothing is Impossible.

There’s a longer bio, but he won’t bore you here.

What others are saying

“This has been a vital learning experience for me in learning the craft of writing scripts. I have gained so many foundational pieces about the art of story-telling that I am using in everyday life; from writing to communication with others. The method that I have learned was simple and deep, it has changed my writing tremendously as well as given me the confidence to take risks and free my imagination.”

– Cristian Lascau, writer/actor/director

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