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Children's Fiction

Smithery Hopkins

Hop along with Smithery Hopkins as he makes new friends, helps others using numbers, and settles into a home in the unique village of Maribou.

Smithery Hopkins
Dalton, Carissa and Dalton, Caleb K

Everything has changed for Smithery Hopkins. He finds himself on his own for the first time in a new town. In no time, Smithery discovers new friends, finds a new home, and is able to help those around him with his unique skills.

This delightful children’s book, with colorful, enchanting illustrations throughout, is full of curiosity, wonder, and joy.

Young children will thrill as Smithery sets off into a new world, discovers the town of Maribou, and settles into a new home.

They will be reminded of values like friendship, love, patience, and helping your neighbor.

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Written by Carissa Dalton

Illustrated by Caleb Dalton

Paperback, 92 pages

Children’s Fiction, ages 5-12

Smithery Hopkins
Dalton, Carissa and Dalton, Caleb K
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