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Actors, Writers, and Creators

Life-Giving Coaching

Two Coaching Options

Having spent the better part of the last 20 years acting, teaching and mentoring, Carissa and Chris Dalton are in the unique position to help actors, writers, and other creatives propel their careers forward.

Charis Acting

“Charis” is the Greek word for “grace.” It’s a gift which brings joy, pleasure, delight, sweetness, charm, loveliness. It’s also “the divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life; including gratitude.”

We are bringing grace back to acting. Grace to “fail”, grace to explore creative choices, grace that brings expression, connection, and joy.

With over 20 years of experience; roles on TV, in films, on stage; thousands of hours of training; and years of acting coaching, Carissa is a highly qualified coach for actors.

What does a coaching session involve?

• Dissecting a scene
• Exploring emotions and key relationships
• Unlocking imagination
• Exercises and more

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Charis Acting CoachingCharis Acting Coaching

Credo Writing

One-on-one online mentoring with Christopher F. Dalton. With 20+ years of experience helping writers put their dreams and visions down on the page, we offer coaching for screenwriting, playwriting and narrative fiction, for all ages.

What does one-on-one online coaching look like? During the online sessions, we will tackle one or more of these things below:

• Discover the story seed
• Breakdown the writing process into enjoyable steps
• Evaluate all aspects of the story and find ways to build it up
• Utilize tips and tricks to get writing–and keep writing
• and more

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Credo Writing CoachingCredo Writing Coaching


What experience do you have teaching and mentoring?

Carissa Dalton is a professional actor, writer, director, teacher and coach. As an actor, she has over twenty years of commercial, television, film and stage experience. She has appeared in projects for Volkswagen, Teleflora, Amtrak, Mitsubishi, Sony TV, National Geographic and more. 

As a writer, actor, and director, she co-wrote, starred-in and directed the feature film, All The Dragons. She has also directed thirty short films. As a teacher and coach, Carissa has worked with actors and directors, helping them elevate their skills through the CFTN Film Lab—a collaborative class of actors, writers, and directors working to create film organically—of which she is the co-founder and co-director.

Carissa is also a well-trained vocalist and dancer, as well as an experienced improv theater performer.

Chris Dalton is a professional writer, author, teacher and mentor. With over twenty years experience as a writer, he began in marketing and then moved into the non-profit world. He is a published author, with his work appearing in Group magazine, Relevant magazine, The Story Warren, and other publications. His novel, Nicholas and the Keeper of Names, a middle-grade fantasy-adventure, and his modern-day fable, The Lantern Heart, are in print now.

Chris has written several feature films for various production companies and independent producers in the entertainment industry. While working in Hollywood, he consulted on numerous feature films and television shows, mentored dozens of professional writers, provided script coverage for three hundred scripts, read over four hundred scripts for film competitions, and oversaw the writing program for Act One from 2016-2018. 

Chris co-founded and co-led the CFTN Film Lab with Carissa, overseeing twenty-nine short films from development to production. He also co-wrote the feature film, All The Dragons, with Carissa Dalton.

Do you have a tract record of helping creatives grow in their artistic field?

We believe the reviews we have received from artists and the work they have created under our mentoring speak for themselves. Please visit the sections above to via the reviews and videos of the work they completed–with zero previous experience.

How much do you charge?

Our rates vary depending on the service desired. Please contact us for more information about what we charge for the services listed above.

Do you have classes or workshops coming up?

Yes, so please check back soon for more information about upcoming classes and workshops.

Do you consult via video apps?

We do consult via Zoom. Contact us for more information.

Recent coaching projects:

Written by Jermaine Grier
This film, starring Randy and Terri, was conceived and written from Jermaine’s credo story. It was his first foray into writing for film.

Written by Veronique Parker
Starring Karel Anthony and Jeannie Bertinetti

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