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Love for Classical Storytelling

Our Story

We are driven to make heartfelt stories for all ages.

We created Huck&Dorothy because we are adventurous and brave dreamers.

We are family-centered and family-run. We are bold and daring, simple and unflinching in the pursuit of truth. We push against the social trends pressing down on humanity, and stay true to time-honored values. We bring light and hope into darkness through quality storytelling.

Chris and Carissa Dalton are husband and wife. Partners. Best Friends. Storytellers.

From childhood, stories have been a vital part of our lives. We are convinced you have been impacted by great tales as well.

After working for decades with other companies and writers, helping them tell their stories, we decided to create space for the stories decorating our imaginations all these years.

We launched Huck&Dorothy to give our stories the freedom to go out into the world and into your hands.

Carissa’s love of films began at an early age with a VHS tape of Shirley Temple, which she played until the tape wore out – and where she caught the acting bug. Hooked on the classics of the golden age of cinema, she spent countless hours growing up in front of AMC during the hot summer months in Phoenix, Arizona. Fast forward, and you will still find Carissa admiring all things vintage in fashion, film, and song. Her passion for acting can be seen in her performances on television, commercials, short films, and, most recently, an indie feature.

Her experience in creating compelling characters and her talent for storytelling meshes perfectly with Chris’s love of classic literature and adventures.

Chris Dalton is a professional writer, author, teacher and mentor. With over twenty years experience as a writer, he began in marketing and then moved into the non-profit world. He is a published author, with his work appearing in Group magazine, Relevant magazine, The Story Warren, and other publications. His novel, Nicholas and the Keeper of Names, was published in 2019, and his modern-day fable, The Lantern Heart, was released in 2022.

Chris has written several feature films for various production companies and independent producers in the entertainment industry. While working in Hollywood, he consulted on numerous feature films and television shows, mentored dozens of writers, provided script coverage for three hundred scripts, read over four hundred scripts for film competitions, and oversaw the writing program for Act One, Inc. from 2016-2018.

Chris co-founded the CFTN Film Lab with Carissa, overseeing thirty short films from development to production. He also co-wrote the feature film, All The Dragons, with Carissa Dalton.


Huck&Dorothy exists to create heartfelt experiences across various multi-media platforms to inspire artists and audiences to encounter new narratives that touch the soul, transform the creative industry and celebrate the victory of the human spirit.

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