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Middle Grade Fiction

The Akita and the Sumo

When the Emperor’s Akita and a Sumo wrestler meet, they have little in common. But they soon bond and fight to stop a rebellion threatening to undo the kingdom.

Unlikely friends battle for truth and justice.

Kenji is the Emperor’s Akita. His constant companion and hunting dog. All is great for Kenji, until an act of betrayal leaves him wounded and alone in the forest.

Matasura is a celebrated Sumo wrestler. But on the night Kenji is betrayed, Matasura vanishes from the wrestling world, fleeing a life he no longer wants, and stumbles across an injured Kenji in a cave deep in the forest.

Over the weeks that follow, Matasura nurses Kenji back to life, and they discover they have more in common than they realize.

They also uncover a plot to over throw the Emperor once and for all.

The two valiantly make their way back to the Emperor’s palace to warn him of the impending coup. Will they get there in time to save Kenji’s friend and master? Will they be able to save the country from falling under the control of a vicious man?

The Akita and the Sumo is a tale of courage, forgiveness, bravery, and survival. We hope that this story will be read in family settings, were the memories and adventures, the acts of bravery and sacrifice can be imagined in the heart of each home.

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Written by Christopher F. Dalton
Fiction, ages 10-12 years of age