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We all face obstacles we have to overcome; we always will. It’s high time we learn to face them head-on. And benefit from it.

Storytellers thrive on drama. Conflict. Turbulence between characters. They create situations that intentionally pit characters against each other to entertain us.

In real life, we don’t want issues.

But problems are everywhere. And no one likes them.

No one wants to be in a storm.

No one really likes pain.

We all face obstacles we have to overcome; we always will. It’s high time we learn to live with them and face them head-on.

This sounds awful at first. We want to scroll through social media, watch a film, or read a book to escape the troubles bearing down on us. We can ignore the storms–but they won’t go away.

Or we can come to understand there are many benefits to them.

There are four benefits to natural storms, and they are symbolic of our personal and creative lives. As you look these over, see if they can inform your creations and help you in real, day-to-day life as you strive to make your art.

Benefit 1: Storms bring needed Rainfall

Over time, our souls can become dry, and creative areas become brittle and dusty. Routines, pressure, and boredom zap us of the water of invention. We often don’t know how to get the creative juices flowing again.

Is the answer right in our faces? When a battle comes my way, sometimes it’s an answer to prayer.

Here’s a situation I’ve (Chris) faced…and you might also have. An arrogant co-worker decided to make my work-life miserable. They lied about me, cheated on their work, and attempted to destroy my reputation.

How did I respond? I complained. Defend myself. Griped. And worried.

What should I have done? Face the issue. Enter the conflict. Make something good out of it.

What if I had chosen to face the conflict? I would have found a fresh rainfall of creativity. I would have found ways to support what I have done right, highlight what they have done wrong, and retell my story to remind others of my true character.

This would also give me new material for my stories.

What will you do when faced with a storm? Turn into it? We hope so because real-life battles are fertile ground for meaningful stories that touch people’s lives.

Benefit 2: Storms Break-Up Bacteria

Nothing disrupts a cluster of harmful bacteria like a storm. When water gets too stagnant, bacteria forms and kills life. Storms break the clusters up and disperse the disease.

What bacteria is clouding your soul? Lies you believe about yourself? Harmful habits? Wrong ideas about the future?

There’s nothing like a gale-force wind and torrential rain to break up selfishness or anger. In their place will come clarity to see and hear the words or images you need for your current project.

Benefit 3: Storms Balance the Temperature

When the temperature is soaring in nature, a good storm is often on the back end, coming just in time to balance the atmosphere.

In our interior lives, we can feel the pressure building, things are getting complicated, and we can sense the storm coming.

Don’t fear it. Let it come.

Let the clouds build, let the rain and lightning fall. When it’s over, the pressure will dissipate, and the air will cool.

Benefit 4: Storms Replenish Life

Raging storms flush areas of dead branches and debris to usher in new life through the seeds brought in on the wind and water.

If you are struggling in an area of life, you may need to let go of something that looks good, but might be dead.

It could be a relationship you don’t want to lose.

Or it might be a story idea you can’t put down, yet nothing good comes of it.

If the storm is there, trying to take something from your hands, assess it. Determine if you need that thing. And if you don’t, then let it be carried away in the storm.

In its place, a new person or idea will be sown into your life.

Growth will follow.

Discover the Benefits

Storms are not all bad—though they seem overwhelming in the moment. We aren’t making light of what you’re facing: stress and pain can harm us in ways we never imagined.

We also aren’t advocating you go about and create storms. It’s counterproductive and, well, mean.

You don’t need whip up a hurricane: they just happen.

However, we are saying you can pull the teeth out of the stress and pain by realizing good can come of the trial, experiencing all the emotions rising to the surface and understanding why they are there, and allowing the benefits to change us.

As a creative person, apply these benefits to your story, character, or song. Depth will emerge, and your creations will be better for it.

Christopher Dalton

Author Christopher Dalton

Christopher Dalton has worked for two decades (yikes) writing for businesses, individuals, non-profits, and more. He has mentored and coached, consulted with and taught writers extensively for the last 10 years. Christopher has experience in online and in-person sessions, and has just completed a two-year program training film writers to work with actors and directors in a lab-style setting. As a ghostwriter, Christopher has written over 13 books. As a screenwriter-for-hire, he has written 11 screenplays. He has aslo released a novel , Nicholas and the Keeper of Names, an illustrated fairytale, The Lantern Heart, a feature film, All The Dragons, and a co-authored non-ficition book, Redeem California: With God Nothing is Impossible.

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