Creating a story that will catch the attention of readers and audiences seems daunting.

It feels impossible.

With so much attention turned towards Social Media channels, Disney+, Netflix, the latest Halo game, and more, the fight for attention is genuine for storytellers.

No one seems to know how to win the fight. There are hundreds of wonderful men and women out there with thousands of ideas on how to attract eyeballs. Each one saying their way is the way to do it.

But nobody really knows if any of it will work for everyone.

We have paid the money for classes. We follow the latest trends. Some of them work for a little bit. They soon fade out.

And it keeps us coming back to the same question: how did Dickens and Twain and Austen find their audiences without Instagram pics and Tweets?

Mostly it came through discipline and time. They created and created and created. Whether they wrote stories for newspapers, journals, or some other popular medium, they created and didn’t stop until they had a body of work that attracted readers.

Then one day, the impossible became possible. They sold their stories, their books, and gained readers.

No matter what you make or create—novels, short stories, poetry, graphic novels—time and discipline will help you. If we don’t stop creating one day, BOOM!, we will have readers.


And the impossible can become possible.

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