The Sounds of Fury

a Novel

Wonder, magic and horror await a college freshman when she unravels the power of music and steps into the lives of those she is asked to help.

Isabel is set to go into college, when her volunteer job at the retirement and rehabilitation center goes sideways. After a fluke experiment with music and a “sleeper” patient, Isabel realizes she can enter people’s memories and help these elderly patients “wake up”.

Before long, she is an international phenom, having brought back to life over thirty men and women. But her fame opens a door to something she never expected.

When she steps into one of her clients memories, she finds herself flung into a nightmarish situation where life and death are always in the balance, and the sounds of fury haunt her every move, as she enters the search for the murderous Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde in the streets of 1880 London, England.

Podcast coming winter of 2018.

Novel coming Spring of 2018.