Our Stories.

Stories are Huck&Dorothy. They are our lifeblood.

Below, you can explore our novels, interactive stories, feature films, and more.

We are sure you will enjoy the ride ahead.

Digital Stories

The Lantern Heart

a Supernatural Thriller told through sight and sound.

Crouching at the Door

a Murder-Mystery short story. MA+ audiences recommended.

Anne in the Red Dress

a Coming of Age short story

Fran Answers for God

a Dramatic short story

It’s My Skin, Coach

a Historical-Sports short story.

The Best Things

a Coming-of-age short story.

Gerald’s CB

a Flash fiction story

Novels & Films

Nicholas and the Keeper of Names

a Fantasy Novel

Great, Once

a Feature Film

The Sounds of Fury

a Psychological-Fantasy-Thriller novel and podcast.

The Raging Wilds: Lewis & Clark Secret Mission

a Novel

Jazz Princess

a Feature Film