We are meaning makers. All of us. Our hearts crave meaning like our lungs crave air. We want to know our waking up this morning matters; that the breakfast we fed our child matters; that letting the person with one item in the shopping line go in front of us matters.

We must have meaning or our souls die.

We create meaning from everyday life by creating stories. I’m not talking bout crafting the next Crime and Punishment or even Curious George stories. I’m talking about the photo we post of our dogs on Instagram, the photos of the winter’s first snow in our Facebook feed, and our Tweet about the uprising in Iran or the fires in Australia.

We are adding to and creating stories every moment of every day. We have to—we were made to create meaning out of chaos.

And we are the heroes of the stories we tell. The jerk that cuts us off with his shopping cart is the villain. Costco is the world. Us refusing to get mad and enjoying the free yogurt cup sample instead is the twist. Arriving home and regaling our family with the adventure is the process of meaning-making.

We are all storytellers. We can’t help. We shouldn’t stop it. It’s how we are designed.

Christopher Dalton

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