Choices, decisions, actions we take—all have the power to shape our lives.

Grimm’s Fairy Tale “Godfather Death” puts the power of decision making on stark display.

The story is about a young man who chooses to make a deal with Death and rejects God’s help and the devil’s help. The young man is given the power by Death to save lives, except those who Death is ready to take.

Not to give the story away, but things eventually go sideways for the young man. And he pays a very, very steep price for making the decision to side with Death.

In the story, he is presented with one good choice and two bad choices. He chooses the lesser of two evils, which in the end still proves to be evil.

This brings into question why we are so apt as the human race to chose unwisely. When offered an apple, a donut, or a chocolate energy bar that is mostly chocolate, we often want things like the chocolate energy bar that is not entirely nutritious. We choose a lesser evil—which is still not the good.

Take some time and read “Godfather Death.” Then ask yourself and your kids:

Why does the young man reject God?

Why do we often choose the lesser of two evils and not the good before us?


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