Our children need us. They need help developing their imaginations because it is vital to their education and development.

Why? The imagination is what allows children to combine information and experiences to make new things.

We should be champions of their imagination. But it takes effort on our part.

And self-control.

What do I mean?

It’s time to go old school and remove technology obstacles.

How many TV’s fill your home? Tablets? Video game systems? Smartphones? It’s easy to check out and allow the tech to fill our child’s downtime. Or to take over the educational process.

Old school ways are better. The internet and video games are great, but they are passive when it comes to training the brain to combine ideas that wouldn’t normally go together.

Children need fully developed imaginations. They need access to tools that will allow them to create (paints, sand, blocks, etc.), and they need us to challenge them to create.

But they also need us to remove obstacles. And tech is the obstacle of the moment.

Marketers won’t move them away from tech.

Friends won’t do it.

They won’t put down the smartphone themselves.

By stepping in and enforcing blocks of time each without the TV or game console, and making imagination time fun by brainstorming together, we will get push back at first, but in the long run, they will see what they can do, gain confidence, find the fun in creating, and learn a whole lot.

They will thank us later.

Christopher Dalton

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