With everything shut down—especially schools—we have a great chance to instill our values into our children.

So what do you value? Truth, love, faithfulness, loyalty? Goodness, truth, and beauty? These are the bedrocks our children need to stand on during times of great shaking.

And we are in a great shaking. Sports and entertainment are shut down. Schools, closed. Governments are reeling. Churches can’t meet publicly. Families are learning to live with each other again.

We can’t assume it’s going to end any time soon.

Robert McKee once said that when all the pillars of society are rocked, stories will stand.

You and I have our songs, novels, poems, paintings, movies, plays that touched us, and spoke to us and taught us our values. We can share those with our children right now. We can pass on our values not by preaching to them but by re-experiencing our stories together.


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