I’ve grown up with technology. As a child of the ’80s, I used my first PC in the 2nd grade. I connected to bulletin boards via dial-up modems. I’ve seen the advancements in the internet, film, video games, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Amazing things have happened in the last thirty-plus years.

I love film and television and novels. I’ll watch The Fugitive with Harrison Ford at any moment. I’ve watched and re-watched Breaking Bad too many times. Treasure Island — a permanent fixture on my table, my nightstand, my ottoman.

Nothing I’ve mentioned could exist without the imagination of its creators. Their imaginations were running full tilt day in and day out. Did they let the chaos and static of social media and hate news clog up their brains? Most likely not.

We do. We spend a lot of time dreaming up snarky remarks for that Twitter troll or planning our YouTube review videos for the latest franchise film that sucked.

The internet is full of proof that we are creative beyond words. Insults are imaginative and deadly. Comments are full of puns and references galore.

We have amazing imaginations. Just look at the snarky remarks for the Twitter trolls or the gut-busting YouTube review video for the latest franchise film that sucked.

I love YouTube, but I miss laying on my couch dreaming up my next story (with some music playing in the background).

So, let’s use the imagination we all are displaying in different ways.

Let’s stop binging the latest Breaking Bad wanna-be show, and start envisioning new futures for our kids.

Let’s come up with answers to the problems in society and not the next quote-worthy roasting of a celebrity mistake.

Let’s brainstorm common connections instead of trying to find new ways to offend other people.

Bring back the imagination and let’s see what creatures, what songs, what poems, what stories we can create. Let’s see how much better we can make the world.

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