Huck&Dorothy’s Tale.

Huck and Dorothy. Chris and Carissa Dalton. Husband and wife. Partners. Best Friends. Storytellers.

After twenty plus years of dreaming and planning, we decided to launch Huck&Dorothy with this single mission in mind: to create adventures in stories.

Carissa’s love of films began at an early age with a VHS tape of Shirley Temple, which she played until the tape wore out – and where she caught the acting bug. Hooked on the classics of the golden age of cinema, she spent countless hours growing up in front of AMC during the hot summer months in Phoenix, Arizona. Fast forward and you will still find Carissa admiring all things vintage in fashion, film and song. Her passion for acting can be seen in her performances on television, commercials, short films and most recently, an indie feature.

Her experience in creating compelling characters and her talent for storytelling meshes perfectly with Chris’ love of classic literature and adventures. As a young boy, he could often be found with a book and paper and pen, writing his version of the stories he was reading. Tales like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Treasure Island, and Peter Pan formed and shaped his imagination. They also fueled his pursuit of writing as a career, during which he has worked as a writer and graphic designer for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and small businesses. Over the last five years, Chris has paid the bills by writing feature films, novels, ghostwriting and more.

From childhood, stories have been a vital part of our lives. We are convinced you have been impacted by great tales as well.

After working for decades with other companies and writers, helping them tell their stories, we decided to create space for the stories that have been decorating our imaginations all these years.

We launched Huck&Dorothy to give our stories the freedom to go out into the world, and into your hands.

While we are built on classic storytelling platforms, we are focused on using any and all manner of tools to deliver stories to the world.

With the vast array of distribution channels at our fingertips, you will be able to experience our stories via the web, podcasts, audiobooks, web series, smartphone apps, live events, augment reality and more.

Action Adventure. Sci-fi. Fantasy. Drama. Comedies. Our stories come in all shapes and sizes. What they all have in common is their core. All of our stories are adventures: adventures in love, in hope, in time, in other worlds.

These adventures are cathartic experiences; they remind the audience of timeless values; they create hope, and they create a sense of community and belonging.

Our first digital story has been published. The Lantern Heart is an illustrated digital supernatural thriller. You can experience The Lantern Heart story here. The podcast version is coming soon.

Our second digital story– Crouching at the Door–is a murder/mystery serial story. Read the Crouching at the Door story here.

More series are coming soon as well, so be on the lookout!