Storytellers go for it, launch their thrilling  project.

The husband and wife team, Chris and Carissa Dalton, started Huck&Dorothy, because they believe that great stories can be told outside the regular channels. Discover their story here.


Supernatural Thriller.

Experience the 4-part Supernatural Thriller – audio and text.

Join the fight against an ancient evil claiming the lives of the young in Huck&Dorothy’s digital serial, THE LANTERN HEART.

Epic Fantasy.

Discover the Epic Adventure that uncovers the Legend behind the Myth of Saint Nicholas.

Read an excerpt from¬†Huck&Dorothy’s Epic Fantasy novel The Legends of Saint Nicholas: The Emergent Son.

Huck&Dorothy tales.

Uncover a treasure trove of stories.

Novels and digital series and films, oh my. Learn all about what we are creating at Huck&Dorothy right here.


Short Story.

A young boy finds comfort and freedom in the form of a new pet.

Huck&Dorothy’s digital short story “The Best Thing.”

Short Story.

A rich entrepreneur befriends a lonely church-lady and discovers that all is not what meets the eye.

Huck&Dorothy’s digital short story “Fran Answers for God.”

Short Story.


  • The Legends of Saint Nicholas: The Emergent Son (a Novel)


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