Saving Mankind Through Stories

Huck & Dorothy

What we make & what we do

Storytellers and stories will save the world. So we create great stories that move hearts and minds.

Heartfelt Films

Our Films Are Filled With Hope And Life, Conflict And Wonder.

Adventurous Books

Spirited Tales About Bold Characters And Fantastical Lands.

Empowering Artists

Non-typical, gift building, life-empowering, skill enhancing training.

Heartfelt Films

Huck&Dorothy was launched to put deep, meaningful stories into the world. Beginning with our films.


It’s Never Too Late To Live Your Dreams.

When her son is bullied at school and her husband’s career stalls, May retreats to her childhood home, and is forced to confront her traumatic past so she can find the freedom to live out her dreams.

Find out more. Info awaits.


Face The Moment, Improvise A Better Tomorrow.

A reclusive Jazz bass legend, lives in anonymity with his wife and daughters until his world flips upside down. While fighting to save his family, a documentarian finds him and offers to restart his career.

Time to improvise. Let's go.

Creating Stories. Saving Lives.

A percentage of every donation to support Great, Once goes towards the mission of Last Arrow Ministries. This dynamic organization helps people develop mental health and deepen Christian values, as well as battle drug addiction and more.

Adventurous Books

Our books are rooted in classic tales we grew up loving. Adventure awaits.

Nicholas and the Keeper of Names

A Fantasy Tale for Everyone.

In dark times, a light always arises. Nicholas is young. He is fearless. He is destined to become the next Keeper of Names. Now on Amazon.

The Lantern Heart

An Illustrated Modern Fairytale.

Deep in the heart of Kodiak, a battle rages for the children. With a lantern to guide him, a Hunter faces off with a supernatural enemy, knowing only one can win. Now on Amazon.

Chris & Carissa Dalton: Modern Day Storytellers with a Classic Twist.

We love stories. Find out why.

Empowering Artists

We have been blessed to sit at the feet of great teachers and mentors. We want to pass on what learned to set artists free to create.

Training artists is not about tearing them down. It’s about building them up. We don’t believe in the “you suck” style of teaching.

Instead, we go by the “yes, and” rule, as in, “Yes, that’s a good start, and what if we do this to make it better.”

We are offering Summer ACTING CLASSES starting this June.

Charis Acting: Summer Classes

“I have found inspiration to start writing again--especially scripts--because, as a child, well-meaning adults crushed that joy and wonder.”

Arayna Joywriter, actor

“Their teaching has caused me to think outside the box. It also stirred up long buried stories that are still fresh today.”

Candace Robertsartist

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