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We created Huck&Dorothy because we love stories, big and small, analog and digital, old school and new school. Our mission is to create tales filled with fun and adventure, thrills and wonder, and hope and joy.

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Tales for Families

Nicholas and the Keeper of Names

a Fantasy Novel

The Lantern Heart

a Supernatural Thriller told through sight and sound.

Captain Mako & Wonder Ann Save the Day

a Coming of Age imaginative short story

Fran Answers for God

a Dramatic short story

The Doctor Is In

a Coming-of-age family drama.

It’s My Skin, Coach

a Historical-Sports short story.

From The Blog

BlogStory Matters
April 10, 2020

Make good decisions

Choices, decisions, actions we take—all have the power to shape our lives. Grimm’s Fairy Tale “Godfather Death” puts the power of decision making on stark display. The story is about…
BlogStory Matters
April 8, 2020

Home is important

Locations are important. What we share with those we love in those locations is what makes them essential. When I was three or four years old, my mom took me…
BlogStory Matters
April 7, 2020

Carriers of Value

With everything shut down—especially schools—we have a great chance to instill our values into our children. So what do you value? Truth, love, faithfulness, loyalty? Goodness, truth, and beauty? These…