1. The Stories

Experience the adventure, fantasy, love, and slices of life stories that we have created here, just for you.

Nicholas and the Keeper of Names

a fantasy-adventure for all ages

Nicholas, the next Keeper of Names, half-human, half-elf, returns to his childhood home to win the hearts of the city, save the ones he loves the most, and break the curse that is destroying all he holds dear.

The Lantern Heart

a supernatural fairytale

On the remote island of Kodiak, a retired fisherman/hunter wages war with an Ancient Evil that destroys the young and vulnerable. Can he stop the supernatural force, bent on devouring lives, before more are lost?

anne in the red dress short story

Anne in the Red Dress

a coming-of-age short story.

A young boy finds an unlikely friend who comes to his defense when he is most vulnerable.

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2. Our Story

The who, what, when, why…oh, you get it. It’s all here.

Chris and Carissa created Huck&Dorothy with a love stories, big and small, analog and digital, old school and new school. Their mission is help people feel the joy and hope that stories have always brought them.

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