1. The Stories

Experience the thrill of saving young lives, following the winding trail of a murder, or choose how to fight off demons in our original tales.

The Lantern Heart

a supernatural fairytale

On the remote island of Kodiak, a retired fisherman/hunter wages war with an Ancient Evil that destroys the young and vulnerable. Can he stop the supernatural force, bent on devouring lives, before more are lost?

Crouching at the Door

a murder-mystery

Five friends head to the lake for their last weekend together as high school seniors. All students of a private college-prep school, their futures are bright, until a tragedy destroys their lives. Five friends. One Weekend. And one Question: who killed DanDan?

Bill Roy, Demon Killer

a supernatural, text-based adventure

Coming soon, you can fight demons as Bill Roy, a demon killer, in this text-based adventure. You pick what he does and see where the story goes.

2. Our Story

The who, what, when, why…or you get it. It’s all here.

Chris and Carissa created Huck&Dorothy because they love stories, big and small, analog and digital, old school and new school. Here we tell you a little bit about us, our story, and where we are going with Huck&Dorothy.

3. Your Story

We want to hear from you. You are why we are creating what we are creating. Let us know what you think or sign-up for regular updates.